The Double Entendre. Triangulated.

     When one considers the term: ‘Double Entendre’, many different realizations may occur in your mind. Double meaning, ambiguity and innuendo, are some of the synonyms directly linked to the French expression. The origin of these two intertwined words go far back. The usage was primarily used for socially awkward conversations and even sexually induced puns. Basically ways to cover up solicit language in public, while simultaneously telling a crass joke that intelligent people could decipher rather quickly.

     Fast Forwarding to Hip Hop, some lyricists use the technique to create metaphors, similes and other english language within bar structure of rhymes. While studying with my fellow brother Chilla Jones IT, I’ve found a distinct way to easily and cleverly craft Entendre’s effortlessly. The technique is called “The Entendre Triangle”.
     Consider a Triangle. With no point of stoppage or exit. Its just a streamlining movement of design. Free flowing. This is the foundation of the Entendre. We will separate the 3 settings into quick format. The bottom of the Triangle can be classified as “Subject”. The beginning of the Entendre starts with the subject matter. It leads off the Entendre with a start point of interest. The left side of the triangle can be classified as “Intrigue”. The middle of the Entendre becomes the focal point and spring board for the closing word and or phrase. This part is essential in bridging the gap between references. The final side of the triangle can be classified as “Summation.” The culmination of the Entendre brings forth a satisfying completed punchline or metaphor. Utilizing the summation properly will ensure a perfected Double Entendre.
     For example, take the lyric:
“Rappers wanna be super? Man, they’re in the lowest lane, looking for the booth”.
               Subject = Superman
               Intrigue = Lois Lane
               Summation = Booth
     Ironically enough, aside from the obvious pop culture references to Superman’s distinct image, it also doubles as a way to describe emcee’s attempt to be popular, while being eschewed in the underground sects of their career, looking to record.
     This format is one of many ways to create a Double Entendre. There is no absolute set format to crafting one. My advice when it comes to writing an Entendre: Tri it.
                    Mickey Factz
                    SOSA Master IT

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